About Us

Luxury should be a staple, not a rarity. For too long, men have been subject to the confines of formal, business, and casual. But a true gentleman is an interplay of all three. He is well-mannered, well-groomed, and well-liked. Monsieur Fox is an ode to that man. His demeanor is uniquely his own, his palette is refined, and his style is recognized by all those around him. He is, in a word, elegant. And he is elegant, everyday.
At Monsieur Fox, the art of dressing is in the details. We provide men's accessories of the highest quality. Accessories give you options. They are a luxury, yes, but also of your choosing. They are an extension of yourself. You leave nothing open to interpretation. You dictate how you'll be received. Others will see what you value with what you add to your ensemble. It's time to embrace your sense of style.